Habits That Alter Your Thyroid

Did you know that your habits can trigger thyroid diseases? Several studies suggest that a person’s lifestyle can damage the gland that controls different activities of the body.

The thyroid is located above the trachea and is responsible for producing hormones that define the rhythm of metabolism, that is, the burning of calories and cardiovascular functions, according to the National Institutes of Health of the United States.

Specialists say that a thyroid that does not produce enough hormones, that is, is not active enough, generates hypothyroidism, which alters the body’s functions, causing weight gain and fatigue.

Leave these habits aside!

The most common causes of thyroid diseases are autoimmune or congenital diseases, surgeries, medications, and pregnancy; however, some habits may detonate it.

Know them!

Habits That Alter Your Thyroid

1. Low iodine diet.

Endocrinologists at the Cleveland Clinic detail that iodine is necessary for the body to produce thyroid hormones, so if it is not consumed in adequate amounts hypothyroidism can develop.

2. Consumption of alcohol.

The excess of this drink is harmful to the thyroid because it reduces function.

3. Sedentary lifestyle.

The lack of exercise increases the risk of developing all types of diseases, including those related to the thyroid such as hypothyroidism, detailed specialists from the Department of Medicine, Hindu University of Benares.

4. Smoking.

People who smoke have lower levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).

5. Caffeine.

This stimulant causes alterations in the production of the thyroid hormone.

Remember that if you want to stay healthy and with a healthy figure, you must take care of your habits to achieve it.

A balanced diet and exercise are essential to living without worries. And you, what habits do you have?