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High carbohydrate diet to lose weight?

For many years, the idea of eating more carbohydrates than proteins has been associated with weight gain. However, this seems to be a myth. 

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5 Eating habits to lose weight

To lose weight in a healthy way, no need to starve, do strict diets or anything like that. The smart thing is to incorporate into your life a little exercise and a series of eating habits to lose weight. One of the most common errors that exist when conducting a diet is that once finished, […]

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What is a no carb diet? – Facts about carb free diets

  Carb free diets  are very popular as a way to lose weight quickly. People generally agree on a high protein and low carb diet  for weight loss. These people usually lose weight very quickly. So let’s go into some of the facts about what is a no carb diet.

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