Foods not to gain weight

To make your body thin, you need to eat the right foods.

Foods not to gain weight

1. Chicken.

It is one of the best sources of protein there is.

Not only because it has them in very high quantities but also because it makes you feel full without needing to fill up with unnecessary fats.

The protein found in this food makes your digestive system and metabolism work excellently, so you burn more calories, even if you are at rest.

A word of advice: If you are trying to eliminate fat, then choose that the preparation of the chicken is baked or roasted instead of fried.

2. Whitefish.

Not all fish are low in calories, so when thinking about eating them you should consume those that are white (also known as “lean”) since they are the least fat because of their low amount of fat and calories.

Besides their great capacity to satisfy hunger, they are very easy to cook, as they can be baked, roasted, or grilled.

Among the options, you can eat are Hake, sea bream, turbot, cod, scorpion fish, among others.

3. Green Peas.

Surely you did not like them when you were little, or maybe you do not like them yet, and if so, please give them a chance, since these legumes are a great source of protein, fiber, micronutrients, antioxidants and other high-grade vitamins and minerals. Nutritional value.

In addition, they contain a compound called “glutamine” that is special to burn fat, which is very beneficial for you.

4. Broccoli.

This vegetable is an excellent option because it offers great nutritional value due to its high fiber and water content, which means that it is very low in calories.

A good way to make your stomach feel full and you are free from guilt is to fill half your plate of food with broccoli.

This will give you a lot of fiber and will keep your digestion in its regular rhythm.

5. Watermelon.

This fruit contains a very low level of calories and is made up of mostly water, which makes it very indicated to lose weight and cause the body to eliminate unnecessary fluids, a matter that helps it to purify and expel all the toxins.

Watermelon is also very practical so that you feel full and sate your hunger.

6. Red and green peppers.

These vegetables have approximately 30 calories per unit, have a high water content, and are very concentrated in nutrients, three properties that make them ideal to care for the nutritional quality of your diet and a good food to not gain weight.

You can eat them raw or in a stew, or as a condiment for your other meals, this way you will give them more flavor and different taste.

7. Tomato.

This vegetable has only 35 calories and 0% cholesterol per unit.

It is also rich in vitamins A, B, and C; and contains various minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, among others, which makes it a good ally to avoid getting fat in the most natural way possible.

In turn, it contains large amounts of water, which helps you feel full.

Another good point is that, in addition to being delicious, you can eat raw in salads, in sauces, fried, in juices, toasted, cooked, or as you prefer.