Ketogenic diet: The best way to burn fat

Forget the excessive kilos with the ketogenic diet, it is great to burn fat without sacrificing muscle mass.

It consists of eating more protein, moderate portions of fat and no carbohydrates, this is the end of glucose reserves in the body and begins to use stored fat as energy.

The point is to stop putting glucose into the body, so you have to leave fruit and any other carb, including integrals. In the beginning, it is hard work, but you are sure to see results from the third day.

Ketogenic diet The best way to burn fat

1. Choose lean proteins

Like chicken breast or turkey, fillet, catfish, tuna and egg whites; You can eat more fatty meats such as salmon or even some meat twice a week.

2. Eat your greens!

Accompany all your meals with a vegetable soup and salad so you feel fuller. Try to eat more green and alkaline vegetables such as spinach, arugula, kale …

3. Say yes to fats

Always in moderate portions.

A super tip is to use olive oil as a dressing since it prevents vesicular dysfunction and stone formation.