Tips so you do not eat for anxiety

When you detoxify your body you experience the desire to eat for anxiety (which is disguised in the form of hunger). However, being an emotion and not a physiological need, it is possible to control it.

Why do you feel this desire to eat?

According to Isabel Larraburu, member of the Catalan Society of Psychosomatic Medicine, when a person suffers an alteration in their mood (depression or stress) the food acts as a natural tranquilizer; what results in binge eating.

You can do it!

So that you do not eat for anxiety, and achieve your detoxification, we give you the following tips:

Tips so you do not eat for anxiety

1. Separate your emotions from your goal.

Do not forget that emotions are transient facts that often require an answer; that is, you must learn to identify it, analyze it and use it in a positive way for your life.

You have control over your life!

 2. Eat very slowly.

Interval pauses of up to 5 minutes between each dish.

This will help you eat less, and be more satisfied.

Also try to chew more slowly, with this you will improve your digestion and avoid eating for anxiety.

 3. Eat every 3 hours.

Order your day by eating something every three hours, but always at the same time.

 4. Walk 45 minutes a day.

This activates the metabolic rate, the body burns calories again and, even if it is at rest, it will continue to burn them.

5. Plan your food.

That includes carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes, legumes, and bread) in an amount of at least 40%.

Remember that eating is not limited to just satisfying a basic need, it is also eaten for the pleasure of doing so and to satisfy emotional and psychological demands.