Tips To Avoid Sugar Cravings

Sugar addiction is harmful to health since frequent consumption produces diseases such as diabetes.

According to a Food Chemistry study, sugar cravings are as addictive as drug use, since the brain produces dopamine that generates a feeling of well-being. suggests the following tips to avoid this addiction.

Tips To Avoid Sugar Cravings

1. Eat a balanced diet.

Rich in portions of protein and vegetables, it even includes a little bit of carbohydrate to have enough energy. This way you avoid having an appetite between meals.

2. In order not to eliminate baked goods from your diet,

it is preferable to make your own. Use ingredients like oatmeal and stevia sweetener.

3. Set aside one day a week to consume a serving of sugary foods.

4. Take care of your oral hygiene, since in addition to preventing cavities, avoid consuming products with high sugar content.

5. When you drink coffee or tea, use sweeteners or preferences, consume them without sugar.

6. Substitute sweet foods for cereal bars or oatmeal that contain honey. Another good option is nuts.

7. To avoid consuming sweet products, just don’t buy them.