5 Ways to stay motivated to exercise

Today I will not talk about the importance of exercising, we all know that it is necessary. We know its benefits. We know that it makes us feel incredible.

However, exercise can sometimes become routine. We get bored of always doing the same thing or it’s just difficult for us to practice again.

Therefore, today I tell you how to find the motivation to resume the exercise and what you can do to renew your usual practice.

5 Ways to stay motivated to exercise

1. Do an activity that you enjoy.

Yes. Exercise can be – and should be – an activity you look forward to.

If you hate running, do not sign up for a marathon in the hope of exercising and forcing yourself to train for the big day.

The only thing you will achieve is to die of boredom, and little or no perseverance.

Find activities that you like and that you really want to do.

 2. Plan.

Sit with the agenda at the beginning of each week. At what time can you make room for exercise?

Write it down, Give it the same importance as the rest of the activities or appointments.

Show up when the time comes.

It may seem that it is not as urgent as the other commitments, but it is.

It’s time for YOURSELF.

3. Add emotion.

When you practice the same series of exercises over and over again, there comes a time when it becomes very boring. And if you never change the routine, you get stuck and you stop getting results.

Very little motivating.

The variety is super important to stay motivated in all areas of life.

Would you enjoy if you had the same dinner every day, would you wear the same clothes every Monday or would you always have sex in the same way? Probably not.

You have to renew yourself.

Try a new gym class or another yoga style. Get off the tape and go outdoors. Break the routine and renew your training.

4. Socialize.

Change your social agenda to active + social mode. Are you staying with your friends for a coffee on Saturday mornings?

Why not spinning classes + coffee?

Or maybe sign up for dance classes with your partner, become a member of a runners’ club, learn to ski or hike with the family.

Turn exercise into a form of fun and you will see how your health and fitness concepts change.

5. Change the perspective.

The concept you have of the exercise is the key to maintaining long-term motivation. That is the TRUE secret. Work on it and the rest will come alone.

When you hear the words “exercise” or “training,” what is the first thing you think?

“Bored. I would rather be doing anything else. I detest it, I wish I could be thin without exercising. ”

Or you think: “I feel great and healthy. When I take care of myself and I love my body I have more energy. Practicing exercise makes me feel beautiful ».

The more time you invest in building a positive concept or vision, the easier it will be to stay motivated and create a life in which wellness and exercise are part of it.

In the comments section, I’d love you to share which of these steps you’re going to try this week.

A hug!

(SOURCE: http://www.anaalexandre.com/es)