Exercises To Burn Fat Anywhere

The main key to healthy weight loss is a balanced diet and daily physical activity; in particular, have a series of fat-burning exercise routines to do anywhere. In this way, the dreaded “rebound effect” will be avoided, according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, United States.

In that sense, for greater effectiveness, it is recommended that the routines with exercises to burn fat that you do anywhere include both aerobic activities and resistance. However, one of the biggest obstacles to achieving weight loss is the lack of time to exercise, given today’s lifestyle.

Work out anywhere

So that the lack of time is not an obstacle that prevents you from achieving the desired weight loss, or maintaining a good lifestyle, we present you some exercises to burn fat that are effective and that you can do anywhere.

Exercises To Burn Fat Anywhere

1. Jump rope.

Performing between 50 and 100 jumps, or doing it for a minute at a time, will allow you to burn about 100 calories. For greater effectiveness, perform three series: the first taking small jumps; the second, alternating feet, and the third, jumps with higher elevation.

2. Push-ups and squats.

Exercising in high-performance circuits and intervals is very effective for burning fat. Build a mini circuit with both exercises, start with five squats, then do 10 push-ups, and then sit back for five more squats. Everything must be done in less than 1 minute and trying to contract your muscles in each series, with which you will burn up to 150 calories.

3. Cardio combo.

Standing in your place, as if running, raise your heels towards your buttocks at a moderate pace; then, open and close legs to the right and left (aerobic step); finally, jump sideways and combine back and forth. Each of the series should last approximately 5 minutes, which will burn, with a medium to high intensity, up to 200 calories.

4. Plank.

To work your abs, you can do an abdominal plank by holding it for 45 to 90 seconds. Remember to contract your muscles for as long as possible. Or, you can do abdominal slides if you can count with at least 5 meters. In the first case, make five planks. In the second, repeat three times. The calorie burn will be 50 to 100 with each one.

5. Extra weight.

An effective way to burn fat in a short time is to add weight to your exercises. First, you’re going to do 15 weight squat jumps using 1- to 2-pound dumbbells; then take a one-minute break, and while you do it, do push-ups with each of your arms. Do 3 series in total, preferably, since this way you will burn up to 250 calories.

Remember that before doing these and other exercises to burn fat it is important that you warm-up and stretch beforehand, in order to get your body ready and prevent injuries. In addition, according to where you are, do them where you have the least minimum space to avoid accidents.