Exercises to burn fat quickly

The maximum you must invest one hour a day.

You don’t always need hours in the gym, or feed on lettuce. There are different ways to lose weight in the healthiest way and without spending too much time on it.

Slimming without diet is a reality; You only need to do one of these 6 exercises to achieve your goal. The days seem to shorten as we grow, so the duration of our options is very short, designed for women entrepreneurs who need to exercise, but do not have much time.

Exercises to burn fat quickly

1. Jump rope.

10 minutes of skipping the rope can be more beneficial than 30 minutes running. It also has the advantage of increasing cardiovascular endurance, helps improve coordination and will define your legs and buttocks.

2. Rowing.

You do it sitting down, what more can you ask for? and if you invest an hour you can eliminate more than 600 calories. It is an excellent job for arm, back, shoulders and lumbar. During this practice, 85% of your muscles are exercised.

3. Naval Rope Training.

Typical exercise of CrossFit classrooms has varied movements, usually undulating, that help tone the upper limbs and is able to burn an average of 10 calories per minute.

4. Boxing.

Not only can it give you more security or even feel safer. It also eliminates more than 700 calories per hour and improves the coordination of the practitioner. It is one of the most stressful practices that exist. Who does not want to hit a sack until tired?

5. Cycling.

It can be with your bike outdoors, you can buy one in stores since it is very economical or you can use that of a gym. No matter how you choose, this option always ensures you a constant low-calorie burn, and dreamy legs and buttocks.

6. Swimming.

It is also one of the exercises that employ most of the muscles. Tones arms, legs, stretch the body, improves breathing and it is possible to burn up to 500 calories in an hour.