Exercises To Mark The Lower Abdomen

The abdomen is one of the places in our body, where we take much longer to lose fat, but we want to help you have an enviable body in a short time.

Do you want to know how?

It is obvious that diet and exercise have a lot to do when we want to have a flat stomach.

But we do not always manage to eliminate all the fat of the abdomen since it is usually a difficult area.

With these simple exercises, you can achieve it in a few days.

Discover the 8 exercises to mark the lower abdomen:

Exercises To Mark The Lower Abdomen

1. Elevation of legs

This is one of the exercises that can be very efficient if done with many repetitions.

Do not forget to put it in your exercise routine if you want to achieve a flat abdomen.

2. Planch

Although it can be difficult, about 20 seconds on Planch or even more.

They can get us to completely eliminate the annoying love handles we have in the lower abdomen.

3. Planch with flex

If you want the Planch to be even more effective, add some flexions.

This will make this exercise even more complete.

4. Russian turns

This exercise in addition to marking the lower abdomen will also help you eliminate the annoying lateral handles that we all have.

5. Bicycle Crunch

Another exercise that helps to have a steel abdomen, since with this exercise all your strength will be taken from that part.

6. Mountain Climber

And if the Planch with flex was not enough, this exercise will be.

If you want a little more intensity in your routine, you should add a mountain climber to your daily routine.

7. Abdominal scissors

Another exercise that requires a lot of effort in the abdomen is the abdominal scissors since all the strength you have to use is from the abdomen

8. Rotating Planch

And to finish, this Planch will finish with all the accumulated fat and will leave your lower abdomen very marked.