Detox shakes to detoxify the body and lose weight

Cleanse the body and lose weight, are the properties that these famous juices have.

It is not always necessary to detoxify the body only in summer, it is also good to do it in winter. This is why Hola magazine compiled a series of data delivered by specialists to lose weight in this era.

Detox shakes to detoxify the body and lose weight

1.- Mix of spinach, celery, kiwi, lemon and orange:

It can be taken at mid-morning, in the afternoon snack, breakfast or, even, as a first course at lunch or dinner.

For its preparation, pass all the ingredients through the blender.

2.- Vegetable juice.

The key is to incorporate a base of moisturizing foods (cucumber, celery, lettuce) followed by a cup of green leaves (chard, spinach, kale); vegetables to choose (asparagus, beet, carrot).

Finally, add a plus of flavor (lemon, ginger) and/or a sprig of parsley, basil, mint.

3.- Cocktail of vitamin C to avoid possible colds:

Mix 1 bulb of fennel -to favor the digestion and the elimination of liquids-, ½ head of broccoli, a bunch of white grape, an apple and a handful of spinach.

Pass through the blender or mixer and add water until it reaches the desired consistency.

4.- The pineapple smoothie:

Fruit that contains great diuretic properties and a high content of magnesium and other key minerals in the depurative process, is an excellent option for this time of year.

You can combine it with some mint leaves and cilantro and a banana.

Pass through the blender and add water until reaching the desired consistency.

5.- Rucola as a base:

Favors digestion thanks to its high fiber content, you can add an apple (vitamin C), pepper and a coriander bouquet to obtain a juice that will help, above all, to detoxify the liver and stimulate the pancreas.

Add water if necessary.