Ways In Which Water Helps You Burn Fat

We have heard a lot that drinking 2 Litters of water per day is good for our health … yes, but what they did not tell us is that there are different non-boring ways to drink natural water.

We tell you at what time and with what supplements you can drink water to lose fat every day.

“The more water you drink … the less fat you accumulate. The less water you drink, the more fat you store.”

Ways In Which Water Helps You Burn Fat

1. Warm water with lemon in the morning

Warm water combined with vitamin C and lemon antioxidants form a beverage that improves digestion and speeds up metabolism.

Every day in the morning heat a little water, when it is warm add lemon and if you like a little honey. Repeat this religiously and after a few weeks, you will begin to feel the changes.

2. Drink a glass of water before each meal.

Drinking a glass of natural water before the main meal will help your body feel satisfied faster, which will prevent you from eating excessively.

Besides this, it accelerates digestion after the meal.

3. Drink an infusion or tea after the main meal.

Drinking coffee or some tea after the main meal will improve our digestion and metabolism.

4. Drink more than 2 liters a day of water?

While it is true that we must drink MORE than 2 Litters we give you a small but great formula so you know how much water you need to drink, according to your weight:

First, you must convert your weight into pounds. After this, divide it by 2 and the result will be the portion of water in ounces that you should drink.


A person weighs 116 pounds (52 kg) divides his weight into 2 parts; as a result, it will yield 58 ounces (26 kg), which in other measures will be about 5 glasses per day.

5. Water with chia

One of the many properties that chia has is that it allows you to lose weight easily.

These small seeds are easily digested, which will help make you feel satisfied, they are also antioxidants and contain few calories.

6. Drink ice water to burn extra calories

The effect that ice water has on our body is that it is processed slowly, unlike the one we drink at room temperature.

This makes our body work harder to process it by burning some calories.

Does it make sense, right?

7. Water suppresses the appetite

We all go through those “temptation lapse” and is that if a diet is not easy, holding on to those little pleasures is more.

One of the tricks you can use when temptation is approaching is simply drinking water and/or chewing gum … the temptation will go away.

8. Water of artichoke.

This vegetable contains a lot of fiber that helps activate the metabolism, promotes digestion and eliminates fats.

There are different recipes to prepare water with artichoke, if you are allergic or you do not like it you can also try celery.

9. Oat water.

This cereal is one of the healthiest for the body.

It helps us to reduce the cholesterol in the blood, improves our circulation and is also a natural remedy to lose weight without going hungry.

10. Alkaline water.

The alkaline water is subjected to an alkalinization process obtaining a pH higher than 8.

These properties provide us with better hydration, neutralize and eliminate waste and toxins.