12 Tricks To Lose Weight And Belly In Less Than A Week

The fight against the scale is something constant in our lives, but the best thing is to work in a relationship based on love and respect with food, to reach a successful conclusion. Miracle diets do not exist and getting to eat healthily is much more important than having a few extra pounds or less.

With these tricks, you will lose weight in a short time, acquiring habits that, if you incorporate into your daily life, will make you much healthier with your food.

12 Tricks To Lose Weight And Belly In Less Than A Week

1- Eat in portions.

Pour yourself the portion you are going to eat and keep the tray with your food out of your sight. If you see less food, you eat less. People who sit with their backs to the sideboards in a coffee shop get up less for another bite, so remove the temptation from your sight.

2- Change scenery.

Don’t always eat in or near the kitchen. Occasional change of scenery. Get out on the terrace, eat in front of the TV, or in the living room. Your senses will be entertained and it will also make you lazier to go to the kitchen to repeat.

3- Breakfast is the most important.

Breakfast should be loaded with calories since it is the most important meal and we have the whole day ahead to burn them. If you do not eat a good breakfast, you will arrive at lunchtime starving and eat more than you should.

4- Don’t be afraid of relapse.

After a week of bread and water (figuratively speaking) something takes over you and you rob the fridge. You are weak, like everyone else, but you don’t have to throw in the towel, savor that pizza and eat your delicious salad again tomorrow. You have lost a battle, not the war.

5- Buy only what is on the list.

Never go shopping hungry and stick to the shopping list. They are two key pillars when it comes to maintaining a balanced diet since in the supermarket you are bombarded with products that you do not need and that does not benefit you.

6- Leave a trace.

If you are going to binge, do not remove the evidence, they will help you stop. Pineapple shells, the bones of the wings, or half-empty dishes will make you aware of everything you have eaten and will put a stop to your gluttony.

7- Reduce temptations.

It is impossible to remove all the appetizing snacks from your home. There will always be something that takes us to the dark side, but try to reduce these temptations to the maximum and always have a healthier option to snack between meals.

8- The rule of 2.

Try that your dishes only have two types of food: meat and garnish, salad and meat or pasta and garnish. With this simple technique, you will be able to avoid any excesses.

9- The obsession with the empty plate.

Since you were little, your mother has instigated you not to leave anything on the plate and that obsession has haunted you ever since. You are not alone, the majority of the population tends to finish everything on their plate. If you want to lose weight, start to measure more carefully the amount of food you serve yourself.

10- Take your time.

Each bite must be chewed at least 32 times to satisfy our appetite and aid digestion. Eating in a hurry is not healthy, neither for your stomach nor to satisfy hunger.

11- Eat alone.

When you eat alone, you tend to consume 30% less food than when you do it in the company of others. Limit group dining to secondary meals, such as snacks or coffee, and leave lunch and dinner to enjoy solitude.

12- Be patient and be constant.

Miracles do not happen, and you are not going to lose 20 kilos overnight. It is better to focus on acquiring good food habits that will accompany you for the rest of your life than obsessing about weight, which is only a number.