Tips not to seem bloated

If you already tried everything not to be bloated every morning and nothing has worked for you, here are some tips that will make all the difference in your body.

There is nothing worse than waking up and seeing that your face is swollen, that your jeans do not close and that your shoes do not even fit!

And is that feeling inflamed and up to 10 kilos more is common, but by taking care of certain habits can be eliminated and make your body feel light.

Here we give you 5 effective Tips not to seem bloated:

Tips not to seem bloated

1. Forget about soft drinks:

They are delicious, yes, but their fabulous bubbles are the main cause of the swelling, so the best thing you can do for your abdomen and toad eyes in the morning is to bet on green tea, Horsetail, chamomile with anise or ginger.

All these eliminate gases, accelerate metabolism and drain the body.

2. Say yes to green foods:

With this we do not mean that you eat only lettuce or exotic vegetables; What you should do is include in your diet vegetables such as celery, carrot, lemon, asparagus, pineapple and cucumber, and these have diuretic properties, depurative and facilitate digestion, which prevents fluid retention, swelling in legs, face, and abdomen.

3. Breathe well:

Even if you do not believe it, being aware of your breathing will help reduce stress and nervousness, factors that lead to hyperventilation and to take air through the mouth, which contributes to the swelling.

Meditating at least 10 minutes a day will make the difference.

4. Chew well:

Various studies have confirmed that not chewing well is one of the main causes of poor digestion and absorption of nutrients, so they suggest a good time to eat and chew at least 40 times a bite.

5. Make water your best friend:

There is no better drainage than water because it eliminates toxins and everything that the body does not need and that cause from bad breath to annoying inflammation.

The specialists suggest consuming two liters of water a day, but if you need more, do not limit yourself!