Activities to lose weight

If you want to lose weight but do not like to exercise, it is time to practice some activities to burn calories in a fun way and without feeling the effort you make.

According to information published on mother nature network, the number of calories that the body eliminates depends on factors such as age, weight, sex, and activities.

Our body uses calories as energy to perform all its functions from digestion to generate thoughts; However, to prevent overweight, we need to do vigorous and fun activities.

Burn 300 calories!

The following activities will help you burn up to 300 calories in just a few minutes. Know them and take the opportunity to practice them during this summer vacation.

Activities to lose weight

 1. Play frisbee.

Ideally, practice it for 80 minutes, either on the beach or on a field. In addition, it will help you to live together as a family.

2. Volleyball.

If you do it as a distraction for 80 minutes, you will eliminate the fat that accumulates in your body.

 3. Riding on horseback.

Enjoy the landscape in the company of this animal for 60 minutes.

You will strengthen the abdomen and burn fat.

 4. Walk.

If you do it at the same pace for 60 minutes, you will enjoy better cardiovascular health and maintain a slender body.

Do it with company and relax with a good conversation.

 5. Tree planting.

Take care of the environment and take your family to plant some trees.

Doing so for 54 minutes will burn 300 calories!

6. Badminton.

Play for 54 minutes and tone up your entire body. You will not notice all the effort you make.

 7. Play with your children.

You do not need anything to enjoy the company of your children in a park or on the patio of your house.

Enjoy 48 minutes without rest with them.

8. Play the plane.

With this child activity, you will have fun and burn lots of calories for 49 minutes.

Remember your childhood and get fit!

 9. Golf.

Believe it or not, this activity encourages weight loss, especially if you carry your own golf clubs and walk to each hole for 44 minutes.

10. Skating.

Do it in a park or on a track for 35 minutes, it is a safer way and you will concentrate on your thoughts.

In addition, several studies suggest that practicing an outdoor activity brings vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure, and self-esteem to people because it promotes the development of endorphins to reduce stress and fatigue.

Go ahead and get fit while having fun!