Customs of naturally thin people

What is the secret of those thin people who eat and eat and do not get fat?

Discover their tricks here.

Customs of naturally thin people

1. Eat when you are hungry:

One of the principles that thin people follow is to eat when they are truly hungry and do not wait for a set time just for the sake of it.

If it is 10 am and you can not stand the urge to eat something, do it, it is very likely that you will be satisfied and you will not consume more food at lunchtime.

2. Say no when you are NOT hungry:

This is another secret that thin people know, if they offer you something and you do not feel much desire to eat do not do it out of boredom, you will get fat without realizing it.

3. Watch the portions:

Thin people do not usually order an extra large order of chips or a giant hamburger.

Do you want french fries? Order the small portion.

4. Follow your cravings:

Thin people get carried away by their cravings and do not refuse a sweet or a dessert, the reason why these results are because if you do not exceed the consumption of those foods that you crave, leave aside that feeling of deprivation that will cause you to eat more of all those prohibited foods.

5. Enjoy physical activity:

Do not get used to living a sedentary life, it is not necessary to do 3 hours of cardio 7 times a week to lose weight, however, it is important to incorporate some physical activity daily.

Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator, walk your dogs etc.

6. Distract your mind from food:

The skinny do not spend their time thinking about food or their weight, they just live their life and focus on enjoying it, eat when they are hungry and stop when they are not.

7. Quality:

Avoid eating junk food just to eat, thin people consume good quality food.

It is very likely that you will not see them eating a bag of old potatoes or a dry bread if they want potatoes they make sure it is their favorite.