Tips for losing weight in quarantine

Formulas to lose the kilos that many people gained during the closure are appearing. The most widespread so far makes these 5 recommendations.

The preventive confinement has had an unforeseen effect: a good part of the population has gained weight. In the United States, some studies reveal that people have gained, on average, between 2 and 3 kilos, and something similar happens in Europe. In Colombia there are no exact data, but, taking into account the comments, jokes, and memes circulating on social networks, it is easy to deduce that something similar happens around there.

It is barely understandable. At first, some felt quarantine like a vacation and gave their routines and eating habits a break. They consumed more wine and high-calorie foods because in the confinement they devoted themselves to cooking more elaborate dishes to distract themselves.

To this was added that confinement left no room for exercise. The psychological effect caused by the coronavirus also made theirs, as stress and anxiety in the face of the uncertainty of the pandemic increased, and many calm these feelings with sweets, carbohydrates, and fats.

This problem is not minor since the coronavirus affects more severely those who are overweight and obese. So many diet experts have devised strategies to lose those pounds quickly. In particular, that of Roy Taylor, a professor of medicine and metabolism at Newcastle University, has become popular. These are some of their recommendations.

Tips for losing weight in quarantine

1. Eat less.

No one loses weight if they eat disproportionately. Therefore, you must cut the daily amount. Taylor advises limiting yourself to ingesting between 700 and 800 calories in the first week. In clinical studies, this type of diet helps reduce at least 1 or 2 kilos in the first month. But since it cannot be sustained for a long time, in the following week it is necessary to consume between 1,300 and 1,500 calories in the case of women and between 1,600 and 1,800 in men. To do this, discard sweets, limit flours, and consume more vegetables, fruits, and low-fat proteins.

2. Without breakfast.

Many studies point to breakfast as the most important meal of the day, although almost a third of the world’s population is able to survive without it. They just need a coffee. This fast helps to lose weight quickly, because, according to Taylor, there is no evidence that eating breakfast improves metabolism. If you are hungry, drink coffee without sugar, water, and liquids.

3. Eight hours to feed.

New evidence suggests that in order to lose weight and control weight, it is necessary to take all the foods of the day in a certain time frame. For this nutritionist, the feeding window should be open only eight hours a day. It doesn’t matter which time frame you choose. It can be from noon to eight, from ten in the morning to six in the afternoon, the important thing is to close your mouth after eight hours. This technique is known as eating with a time restriction.

In the 16 hours of fasting, you should try to drink water or liquids without calories and sleep. Now, with the restaurants closed, it’s worth taking advantage to eat early. When this happens, according to studies, the body has more capacity to convert fat into energy. The important thing, experts say, is to leave time to move after each meal. According to a University of Illinois study, this technique helped a group of participants eat 350 fewer calories a day and lose 3 percent of their weight in no time.

4. sleep well.

Sleep is crucial to losing weight. When people don’t get the necessary hours of rest, they’re more likely to get up hungry at midnight and look for fast food in the fridge to satisfy them. That increases daily calorie intake. Therefore, experts recommend sleeping eight hours straight. Close the curtains, turn off electronic devices an hour before bedtime, and leave them away from your bed so the sounds don’t wake you up.

5. Less alcohol.

A glass or two has helped to get through the quarantine; But, if you want to lose weight, it is important to reduce alcohol consumption. To get an idea, a gram of fat has 9 calories, while alcohol has 7. They are almost the same! According to Taylor, a single glass of wine represents 150 calories. Thus the things, two glasses can be equivalent to all the ones that you need in a single meal. The additional problem is that the drink does not come alone, but with snacks that can increase the count.