Tips to keep your metabolism active and speed it up

Forget what you have been told, the metabolism depends on many factors but it is in your power to control it, change it, and make it play in your favor and not against you.

By Keeping it active you will notice more vitality, you will consume more calories (and therefore it will be easier for you to lose weight or control it) and nothing will stop your desire to eat the world. It sounds great, right?

Now that you have decided to be the owner of your metabolism, there is the great dilemma of how to make it possible, right?

Take a pencil and paper and aim:

Tips to keep your metabolism active and speed it up

1. Nothing to skip breakfast.

Having breakfast is what activates your metabolism at the beginning of the day, thanks to it you spend more calories throughout the day.

Think that after so many hours of sleep and without eating your body needs to recover and, in addition, you will get less hungry the rest of the day.

2. Beware of fats!

More calories are burned when low-fat foods are taken, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Have you ever wondered why there are people who eat little and get fatter than others who eat large portions?

That’s because, at the same number of calories per meal, foods high in protein and carbohydrates cause a greater expenditure of calories compared to foods rich in fat.

3. Train on an empty stomach?

This is very fashionable as a method to activate metabolism since by reducing the reserves of glucose or glycogen, fat is burned, but this is best left to professionals, especially if we must go to work afterward, or else exhaustion will take over.

4. NO to hypocaloric diets!

As you know, to lose weight you need to spend more calories at the end of the day than you eat, but be careful!

Eating less than what you need will not do you any favors, you will stop burning accumulated fat and your performance will decrease in your life in general, which will not help your metabolism work either.

5. Munching between hours? Yes, but smart.

Do not forget to make, in addition to the three main meals, a lunch, and a snack. In this way, you will spend more energy and therefore calories in the combustion of food, maintaining a high metabolism.

On the other hand, to avoid prolonged periods of fasting, before going to sleep it is necessary to take a small protein snack. This will avoid insulin spikes and blood glucose and the digestive engine will not stop.

6. Control carbohydrates.

You do not have to eliminate carbohydrates from your diet just because they are the greatest source of energy.

A trick? Choose those with low glycemic index and the most fiber rich.

7. Vitamins that are not missing!

Vitamins and minerals may not help you lose your weight, but they are necessary for energy and some are essential for your metabolism.

They cannot miss if you want to burn the vitamins of the group B (B1, B3, B6, B12 and folic acid), chromium and zinc.

8. Drink all day.

Not only will it help you eat less food if you do it, but it will help cleanse and eliminate the toxins that can promote the accumulation of fat in your body.

9. Do not be so efficient!

It is clear that the more you practice a sport or an exercise you become more effective and it is very good but that all you get is that you burn fewer calories with the same exercise.

Modify your workouts and look for new challenges.

10. Choose ‘Big foods’ or large foods.

This way you will satisfy your appetite and fill your stomach with foods that occupy a large volume but are low in calories and rich in fiber.

With this, you will get your body to expend energy to make your digestion.