Tips to lose weight in summer without dieting

If you want to lose weight before the summer holidays, but you refuse to follow a diet, there are several tricks, advice, and actions you can do to look a slender figure.

Of course, it takes effort and tenacity since miracles do not exist.

Firstly, we recommend the help of a specialist who can follow both food and lifestyle guidelines. As each person and body are different, therefore, it is necessary that someone guides us on the way to see if we do it correctly.

Usually, it is a nutritionist, doctor or personal trainer who will give us the exercises that we must do to stay fit and lose weight.

Tips to lose weight in summer without dieting

1. Healthy eating.

Food is the key to losing weight. That is to say, it is not necessary to make a strict diet but in a healthy and varied way.

The trick is to eat a little of everything, but in moderation, making more use of those polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and leaving saturated and trans.

In this case, we will increase fruits, nuts, vegetables and we will reduce red and processed meats.

Fish, dairy products, and cereals are also good for healthy eating.

2. Healthy and responsible shopping.

To eat well and lose weight it is important to buy responsibly. That is, do not buy food that we really do not need or have more fat and sugar than allowed.

We advise you to plan a shopping list in advance. For example, make the weekly menus ahead of time and with this, we already know what we should buy.

We also recommend not going to the supermarket or to the market on an empty stomach, as the possibilities of increasing our shopping basket multiply and we will tend to buy less healthy foods.

3. Home cooking and seasonal.

When we want to eat sweets and desserts, then we can also do it but replace white or conventional sugars with another type, such as cane molasses or panela, which are much healthier.

In addition, homemade sweets are always better, so we can make them ourselves at home and thus choose foods with fewer calories. Seasonal products are usually healthy and we are also buying locally so we benefit ourselves, our health and others.

4. Hearty breakfasts.

Many people do not take into account that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And in this sense, it has to be abundant and healthy.

This breakfast gives us the energy we need during the day and so we do not need to abuse the rest of the meals because we will be less hungry.

5. Eat five times a day.

Although it seems too much, many nutritionists recommend making 5 meals a day, but of smaller quantity.

On the one hand, the abundant breakfast, a piece of fruit at mid-morning, a lunch, the snack and finally the dinner that should not be copious to guarantee a good digestion during the night.

6. Routines and schedules.

Another way to lose weight without diet is planning.

In the sense that it is good to establish a fixed schedule for each meal and follow it, because the body gets used to a certain rhythm. If we eat every day at odd hours and in an uncontrolled way our body will tend to gain weight.

7. Regular exercise.

Losing weight without diet is easy alternating a good diet with regular exercise.

Sport should be constant because it also clears the mind and takes us away from stress.

It is not necessary to do an intense exercise every day, but about three times a week it is good to lose weight and speed up our mind.

Here we must ask advice from a personal trainer that is the one that will establish us some routines of hours and exercises to lose weight healthily.

8. First of all, movement.

There are many other ways to move and exercise.

If we like to dance, we can sign up for an academy or make use of the classes run by gyms.

We can also get home after work, walk up and down the stairs and not use the elevator or play with our children.